Sunday, December 23, 2012

Predictable: Whackadoodle Conspiracists Say Newtown Was a Hoax

Once again I delve into the inevitable, in which the fringes inform us the awful stuff we've been seeing and reading about out of the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre was all a hoax.

Apparently, the government, or the United Nations, or I don't know, space aliens from Neptune orchestrated a fake school shooting so they can take all our guns away. Or so the UN can take over the world, or something.

Like all weird conspiracies, the hoax promoters going to great lengths to link vaguely similar, but mostly unrelated situations.  The fathers of both the Newtown shooter and the person responsible for the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year are sort of, kinda working in the financial sector.

Neither man is the top dog in these businesses, but somehow, both were going to testify to the U.S. Senate on some weird financial scandal involving something called LIBOR.

The U.S. Senate was planning on no hearings regarding the matter, and nobody had heard either guy was going to testify for anything.  But of course we're not supposed to believe that.

All those newscasters, traumatized families, grim rescuers and police you saw on TV? All actors hired by the government. The proof? The father of one dead girl briefly laughed nervously before a press conference at which he tearfully rememebered his daughter

That brief nervous laugh proves he was an inept actor hired by the government, supposedly.

Another wacko site, Infosalvo, says Newtown was a "staged false flag attack" whatever that is, but it's some sort of plot to take away everybody's guns. 

Atlantic Wire sums up the conspiracy theories this way:

Depending on who you believe, it's the global banking industry, the Freemasons, and Barack Obama (who is also the anti-christ) acting on behalf of "his Illuminati Jewish handlers like Mayor Bloomberg of NY and Dianne Feinstein."

The conspiracy theories aren't all homegrown. According to AtlanticWire, Iran says the massacre was a hit by Israeli officials to punish President Obama for not being loyal enough to Israel, and Obama covered all this up, in order to take the punishment rather than retaliating.

I read these off the wall conspiracy sites every once in awhile because I get a strange jolt of entertainment reading stuff from people who have really gone off the rails.

But maybe I shouldn't read this stuff. Maybe when I do, I'm contributing to the problem. I give them all a Web hit, which in this day the more web hits somebody gets, the more "legitimate" they are, even if everything there is nonsense.

I'd hate to live the life of one of these conspiracy nuts. The paranoia!  So many people, lurking around the corner, trying to take your liberty, your rights, your life away. It could be anyone! And the web of conspiracy is so extensive! It's tentacles are everywhere! Everyone is suspect!

Can you imagine living in fear like this instead of seeing things logically. They've watched too many bad TV movies growing up, and now their life is now one big, awful, preposterous, cheap TV movie.

The conspiracists also have a caustic effect on society overall.  Few people believe these nutcases, of course. But does exposing ourselves to their delusions nudge us just a bit toward a bit of increased paranoia.

I hope not. We sure don't need it.


  1. Don't forget that old guy with the perfect actor's voice, who took in those 6 kids, gave them teddy bears to play with and has since told a variety of tales with inconsistent details...

    Matt, you've read paranoid rantings like I have, and you are seeking proof... but grief is a tricky thing to measure. As a grief therapist I've seen grieving styles vary drastically from individual to another. I'm keeping an open mind on this.

    I don't know a thing about Newtown or their politics, but you do know there are crisis training schools for actors, right?

    And you have seen very elaborate movie scenes where such scenes have been depicted, right?

    And WE have seen an enormous rise in reality TV as the novelty of TV, overall, has been dramatically giving way to internet driven television. . .

    I find it absurd when people debunk this as being too elaborate. Especially when the old "whackadoodle" name-calling is espoused to try to make your old-school conclusion.

    Don't worry, it's just a sign you're getting old.

  2. What scares me most is that a lot of these delusional "whackadoodle"s with the distorted realities are gun nuts. Which one will become the next Adam Lanza or James Holmes, and when? I wonder.