Sunday, December 30, 2012

Really? Obama Commits Crime of Fashion. Impeach!

Say what you want about President Obama. Everybody does anyway.  Some people are fans, some are not.  Fair enough. Praise him  his policies or condemn him for his political positions.

However, according to one fashion writer, Ellie Krupnick, Obama committed the ultimate sin, a crime of fashion: He dressed without paying the least bit of attention on being fashionable.
President Obama seen here
apparently committing
an impeachable offense:
Being not fashionable.

He committed the crime on a recent brief vacation to Hawaii.

Wrote Krupnick:

"President Obama, bless his heart, was basically a mess: baggy pleated khaki pants and a billowing turquoise button-down shirt... with short sleeves. Oh, and it was tucked in. With a belt." 

Those are Krupnick's italics in that passage, by the way, not mine.

She went on:

"We can tolerate a bright hue (Michelle Obama has certainly worn her fair share), but with men's clothes, fit is key. Obama's shirt is too big around the waist, the shoulders and the sleeves. The pants are too roomy at the top, too long at the bottom and wrinkled to boot."

Oh the humanity!  We're stuck with a president who is incapable of being sufficiently fashionable! America is over.

Yep. Our president is a failure. Not for any foreign policy decisions, economic plans, or opinions on social issues.  The real problem, apparently, is he doesn't dress fashionably enough. At least not for Krupnick.

The photo of Obama's crime of fashion is in this post. To me, the outfit he's wearing does its job. It's fine. Unremarkable. Except to fashion police.

This happens too regularly, more so to women, though. There is this bizarre expectation in some circles that no matter how busy somebody is, (and Obama sure is busy) they're supposed to agonize day in and day out on whether their clothes look Just Right.

Look, there's nothing wrong with fashion and dressing up beautifully and creatively if that's what you want to do. Fashion can be beautiful and interesting.

And yes, we want to be presentable and dressed somewhat close to appropriately for whatever situation we're in.  Some people take casual too far. Look to the site People of Walmart for examples.

 But what I hate, hate, about a number of people in  the fashion industry is the extreme cattiness. You're subhuman if your clothes don't look exactly right. Please just stop that sense of exaggerated horror they express if the outfit somebody is wearing is so last week.

This is why I don't dress fashionably.  Actually I kind of want to have better, nicer clothes sometimes. I wouldn't go for the latest fashion, just something that's classic and looks good.

But why bother?  Those classic and good looking clothes clearly wouldn't be good enough for the fashionista gestapo. That wouldn't exactly hurt by fragile, sensitive soul. But why reward these nutcases with something to condemn? T-shirts and Carhartts it is. Deal with it.

I'll just go through life paying attention to the stuff that matters. Just as Obama presumably focuses more on governing, not fashion.

Because guess what: Contrary to what some in the fashion industry would have you believe. Appearing as someone's idea of perfect is not what most of us want to, or need to aspire to.

I repeat: Deal with it.

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