Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Postcard from Vermont

Yesterday, two days before Christmas, the ground was free of snow in Burlington, Vermont, though snow covered the landscape in most of the rest of Vermont.

Snow begins to fall, Church Street Marketplace,
Burlington, Vermont Sunday night
Burlington is in a low spot, near Lake Champlain, and sometimes misses out on the snow.

As last minute shoppers scurried around Burlington's Church Street Marketplace while darkness fell late Sunday afternoon, it began to snow.

Big, slow flakes drifted down, making everyone think they wandered into a teleision Christmas special. People emerged from shops and restaurants, exclaiming and smiling at the falling snow. Children gaped up at the sky trying to catch flakes on their tongues. Dozens of people whipped out their smart phones taking pictures of one another enjoying the snow.

With the arrival of a little snow, the holiday preparation was complete. Time to enjoy Christmas.

Here's a quick video postcard I made of the holiday scene in Burlington last night:

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