Friday, December 7, 2012

Smelling Like Food is the Latest Hot Style Trend

Apparently, there is a mushrooming array of options for people who want to smell like various foods, maybe even mushrooms.

Well, not yet. On the heels of the news of the bacon shaving cream I breathlessly reported on last week, we now have a fragrance to wear that smells like pizza, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

The folks at Pizza Hut Canada put up a Facebook post joking that such a perfume or a cologne might be a fun idea. Apparently, a lot of people thought this was a good idea, and some actually tried to order some.

Not wanting to disappoint its customers, Pizza Hut made a limited number of Pizza Hut Perfume that smells like pizza. There could produce more if demand is there, the company suggests.

The bottle looks like a standard little glass container of perfume, but of course it has the Pizza Hut logo on it.

Which food will be next? Marketers have to be careful, as I imagine some foods might not work as fragrance. Eu de Limberger Cheese? Seafood Cologne?

And what happens if the perfume gets old. Pizza Hut pizza smells great when you first open the box, which is the goal of the perfume. But I would guess their pizza smells awful if it's been left out for a couple weeks. Would this happen to Pizza Hut Perfume? We don't know.

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