Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just-Married Gay Couples in Seattle are Charmers!

Photographer Matt Stopera of Buzzfeed documenting the rush of gay couples getting married in Seattle after Washington legalized same sex marriage in the past week. He had an absolutely great idea.
This couple had been together 23 years before being
able to marry in Seattle the other day. 

He asked the many couples arriving to get   married to write in a notebook how long they'd been together. Then, each party in the couple was asked to write in the notebooks their favorite things about  their new spouses, then display the message for Stopera.

(For the record, if somebody asked me to do the same when I married Jeff in August, it would have been hard for me to decide which of his many qualities is best, but I probably would have chosen his deep compassion and kindness) 

Anyway, Stopera's photographs of the marriages in Seattle are absolutely charming and have had me smiling all day.

I loved how most of the reasons the couples gave either involved a sense of humor, or references to love and devotion.
This couple was together three years before marrying
in Washington State the other day

And for those who think gay marriage is so sinful and awful, the reasons people gave for loving their new wives and husbands in Seattle were the same the best reasons straight couples love each other.

Which isn't surprising.

When love blooms in any way, shape or form, just stand back and let it grow. We're all the better for it.

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