Monday, December 24, 2012

My Traditional Darlene Love Christmas Greeting

Every year, the amazing Darlene Love appears on Late Night With David Letterman to do a grand, boisterous performance of her classic song "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"  It's a tradition on the show.

Every year, I post Love's Letterman performance from the previous year. It's my tradition, and what's the Christmas season without tradition?
Darlene Love on David Letterman, Christmas Eve last year

This year, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" is particularly apt for me, since my husband is away in South Dakota visiting family. I wasn't able to break away to join him this year.

 I get to visit my family in West Rutland, Vermont, so that will be fun. My holiday certainly will be the opposite of depressing.

I hope everybody reading this gets a chance to be with those they love this Christmas.

Though "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" can be a bit poignant, you can't help but feel great, feel a catharsis, feel joy when you listen to it.  Especially with the elaborate musical arrangement behind Darlene Love, and of course her perfect soulful voice.

 I hope you all find absolute joy this holiday.

Anyway, without further ado: Here's the video (sorry about the annoying Nokia ad at the beginning, but you know you can't escape commercialism at Christmas)

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