Thursday, December 20, 2012

When You Have Bad Mugshot of Yourself, You Had a Lousy Year

Indulge me while I share my fascination with some mug shots. Buzzfeed has offered up a yearly delight: The best mug shots of 2012.
Charge: Indecent exposure (I'll bet!)

Even though all of these people allegedly broke the law, you have to feel sorry for them. They look so hapless, so clueless, such trainwrecks.

If you think you had a bad 2012, these people surely had it much, much worse than you. I've included a couple examples in this post, to give you a hint of what's in the list, if you're too afraid to click on the Buzzfeed  link.
Charge: DUI, Speeding (or on speed?)
Charge: DUI/Leaving Scene of an Accident
And being seriously pissed off

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