Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fire Department Pours Cold Water on Giant Fake Yule Log

The operators of Mosaic Stadium in Regina, Saskatchean  thought they had a great idea. Why not get everybody in the Christmas spirit by showing a great big video of a burning Yule log on their jumbo screens for the whole city to see?
No, this stadium in Canada is not on fire. Just a jumbo
tron Yule log

It turned out to be a not-so-great idea. Because people who saw fire on the screens thought it was the real thing and kept calling 911 to report the whole stadium was on fire.

People even reported smelling smoke, even though videos are not exactly scratch and sniff. Unless some inventor up there in Regina has come up with a wild new invention.

After four false alarms, Deputy Regina Fire Chief Gerard Kay said enough was enough. Could the stadium come up with some other holiday motife for their jumbo screens? "Maybe some snowflakes or Santa or something like that," Kay helpfully suggested.

Kay quickly got his Christmas wish. Stadium operators said Friday they've just switched off the Yule log video, and are putting up a big "Thank You" sign for local fans. And in a few days, another Christmas video will go up on the jumbo screens.

We hope people won't mistake that for a UFO or something.

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