Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weather Geek Videos This Week Are Pretty Stunning

The weather here where I live in Vermont hasn't been especially frightful, to be honest, but there's a lot of scary, and wild weather action going on elsewhere on the globe the past couple of days.

We had that awful typhoon in the Phillipines that killed more than 500 people, and we had killer tornadoes in very odd places like New Zealand and Italy.

I'm at once fascinated by extreme weather, and unsettled by it. You have to ask, how much of it has to do with global warming, and how much of it is just normal stuff.

I found a couple videos on the Weathermatrix Facebook page this week that are probably just examples of wild, but not unprecedented weather, but still amazing to watch. The first is a timelapse of a two-foot snowstorm in Croatia this week.


The next is a video taken Monday of driving down a Florida highway in stormy weather. Look at what comes from behind the trees as they're going along. Yikes!

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