Thursday, December 27, 2012

OK, One More Happy Christmas/Dog Story

Here's a nice news story (or at least one with a happy ending) that might keep your Christmas spirit going on after the holiday.

A New York woman and her daughter, Mia, 7, went briefly into a store Christmas Eve to pick up a couple last minute items. They tied their dog Marley to a parking meter while they went in

A creepy thief came along and stole Marley. Mia and the rest of her family were heartbroken, of course.

But there were some good Samaritans that helped out. A principal one, Tina Cohen saw a guy selling a dog on the street. She said she knew the dog had to be stolen, because the two clearly didn't look like they belonged together.

Unable to think of any other means to help the dog, she agreed to buy it from the thief. She then took an unharmed Marley to a veterinarian, who found a microchip that pointed him to Marley's owners.

The family was reunited Christmas Day. The thie, Brandon Bacon, 29, was apparently caught on security cameras and faces felony theft charges.

He was the subject of a nice perp walk in front of the media by an aggressive New York media, but he had nothing to say about what he did. I'm sure he's thrilled to have his ugly mug splashed across the news.

He'll have a deservedly lousy 2013, it looks like. Here's the very nice newscast about the incident:

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