Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Few Texas Boobs Object To The Word "Haboob" Because Arabic Words Are Un-American. Or Something.

There was a haboob in Texas the other day. For the uninitiated, a haboob is a dust storm, one that shows up as towering wall of dust that sweeps into a town or city as one giant wall of dirt.
Great aerial view of the haboob, or maybe
God's Holy Dust or something, in Texas.  

These kinds of things happen in arid west Texas sometimes.

The only especially odd thing about the whole thing was the morons who so, so object to the word "haboob"

See, haboob is an Arabic word for a sudden, giant duststorm.  Lots of words are derived from other languages. For instance, if an earthquake struck off the California coast and generated a giant wave that swamped coastal locations, we'd say the Golden State got hit by a tsunami.

Of course, tsunami is a Japanese word.

Japanese words are OK, apparently, to some West Texans. But an Arabic word? They're spoken by those heathen Muslims, who of course are all terrorists bent on America's destruction.

According to Gawker, television station KCBD in Lubbuck duly reported on the haboob, since it was a pretty big local news event. There were lots of dramatic photos of it, too, so the television station, quite sensibly, posted many of the pictures on its Web site.

But KCBD accurately called the storm a haboob. That's where the trouble started.

The comments the station got are priceless. Let's share some!

Judy Sumpter offered this: "Since when do we need to apply Muslim vocabulary to a good ole AMERICAN dirt storm? Did we move the country or what. I take great offence (sic) to such terminology! 

She goes on:.   "......Arabic means Arabs, and they are wanting to wipe America off the map. Therefore, I am still offended by the use of the term "haboob." Service men and women have paid the ultimate price fighting these people, and in my opinion, it is a dishonor for them."

I hate to interject logic here, but I will anyway. Sumpter would beg to differ, but actually most Muslims really don't have major problems with the U.S. Yes, there are some Muslim terrrorists who hate America, but they're a minority and I don't see how banning Arabic sounding words will change the minds of anti-American terrorists.

But maybe I'm just dense.

Speaking of dense, it gets worse. Some people left some wild Facebook comments on the television station's wall. Most were quickly taken down, but  Americans Against The Tea Party saved some of Facebook comments on the haboob "controversy" Here's some examples:

A gentleman named Jeff Bertrand remarked, "Never had a haboob until we got that muslim boob for POTUS"

Oh, such  play on words, Jeff! You're quite the clever linguist aren't you?
Another great view of the Texas haboob
last week. A few people object
to the word haboob because of its
Arabic origins. Most Texans rolled
their eyes at these objections.  

Deborah Wheeler weighed in: "Give me a break. It's called a dust storm. Texas is not a rag head country."

Um, Texas is a country? I thought it was a state, despite some Texans wish to secede. Just what is a rag head country? A place where people put cloths reeking of lemon-fresh scented Pledge after they dusted the furniture?

Wouldn't you want somebody to come in and dust the furniture after a haboob, er, sorry, good ole' American dirt storm?

Of course, if some Texans wanted to purge the language of Arabic words, they have a long list. "Algebra" is one, but judging from the comments above, the people who want to ditch the word "haboob" probably can't handle algebra anyway, so no great loss.

"Pajamas" is another Arabic word.  So sorry, Texans, throw the stuff you wear to bed at night in the garbage. It's too un-American.

Other words for weather that have been known to hit Texas have to go, too, because they're un-American. "Hurricane"comes from the word "Hurakan," a Caribbean god of evil. "Hurakon" was some sort of Mayan god.

Can't have hurricanes, then. Only references to Christianity, since this is a Christian nation, thank you.

Texas gets lots of tornadoes. That word comes from the 15th century, from the Spanish word "tronada" or thunderstorm.  With all those illegal aliens supposedly flooding across the Texas border, I guess we have to honor America and always refer to tornadoes as twisters or something.

To be fair, the people who objected to "haboob" on the KCBD page were clearly in the minority, and the overwhelming majority of smarter Texans piled on these idiots with their own Facebook comments.

I particularly loved a guy named Matt Martinez, who mockingly "agreed" we have to get rid of the word "tornado" because of its Spanish origins. He wrote "Round here we call it 'Freedom wind with plentiful victory bits'"

I don't know. My only last thought on this great Texas Haboob Word Crisis of 2014 is, what's the Arabic word for "stupid people"?

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