Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Persistence: Guy Robs Store, Imprisoned 15 Years, Gets Out, Robs Same Store

When I was a kid, teachers kept telling me, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
Christopher Miller, unsuccessful
twice now at robbing the
same N.J. shoe store.  

What they didn't tell me was if the very idea of trying something the first time is really dumb, then don't try, try again.

But I figured that out on my own.

But apparently Christopher Miller, now 40, didn't.

According to the New York Post, Miller robbed the Toms River Stride Rite shoe store in New Jersey in 1999. He was caught and went to prison for 15 years.

He got out recently, and there he was almost immediately, robbing the Toms River Stride Rite shoe store.

Says the Post:

"The manager of the Toms River Stride Rite, who happened to be on duty in 1999, thought she had deja vu when she saw Miller walk through the door again on Saturday.

"I knew who he was right away," said the 43-year-old worker. "I just think (he came back) because he didn't get anything the last time."

This time, Miller DID manage to snag  $389 in the robbery, but was caught with the loot a short time later.

As for a motive, the best we can come up with is this theory by anonymous New Jersey Corrections officials in the Post article:

"This guy is either really stupid or he just really likes it in jail." 

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