Thursday, March 27, 2014

Small Bright Spot In Horrible Mudslide Tragedy: Dog Rescued. See Video

That mudslide in Washington state is about as bad a tragedy as you can get.
A dog is rescued from the debris of the Washington
State mudslide. Although he doesn't look
great in this photo, his family said he's already
pretty much made a full recovery.  

A hillside collapsed onto a neighborhood Saturday, killing at least 25 people. More people are missing, so we don't yet know what the final death toll will be.

When you get a big disaster like this, the natural tendency is to find any bright spot you can.

So, people are embracing a video that surfaced in which a family poking through the destroyed remains of their home find their dog buried in the debris and mud.

Miraculously, the dog is in good shape. He was covered in mud and terribly thirsty when rescued.  And it is a bit funny to watch him try to shake out the dirt caked into his fur.

And when the tail starts wagging, you know he's going to be OK.

Again, this isn't much, but it is just one small bright moment in a bad situation. Watch:

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