Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Ending For Deer Stuck In Picket Fence

Ah... The American dream. A nice house. A nice yard surrounded by a nice perfect picket fence.
This deer got stuck while
trying to leap over a picket
fence in Attleboro, Mass.
Luckily the homeowner freed
the deer, which did not appear
to be seriously hurt.  

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for an unfortunate deer in woodsy suburban Attleboro, Massachusetts, plenty.

Apparently, our deer was running through the neighborhood and tried to take a graceful leap over the Kelley family's picket fence.

Not so graceful.

The deer's hind legs got caught at the top of the fence, and the animal did a nice faceplant on the lawn. And he was stuck.

Yes, we're continuing with our theme of the day, clumsy animals. Earlier, you might have seen my post about penguins having trouble getting past a rope.

Anyway and luckily, 7 year old Grant Kelley noticed the problem with the deer in his backyard.  He told his mother, Kate Kelley who told her husband, Brian Kelley

Even more luckily, each board in the fence is removable. Dad Brian Kelley went out there and removed a couple of boards, which freed the deer.

The only problem is, since Kate Kelley was filming, the whole world gets to see the deer's humiliation.

Otherwise, though, the deer is fine. Watch the funny report from television station WCVB in Boston, which used the Kelley video to tell the story, which has a happy ending:

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