Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Today's Overreaction: Torch A Car In Retaliation For Denied McFlurry

You're not going to be at ALL surprised that this bit of news comes out of Florida.
A woman set this car ablaze in Florida
because her companion who had been driving
the car wouldn't buy her a McDonald's McFlurry.  

A woman was so angry that her companion at a McDonald's wouldn't buy her a McFlurry that she torched the car they couple came in. 

Witnesses said the woman stormed out of the McDonald's during the McFlurry argument that she went outside and poured alcohol and gasoline on the car and set it alight.

She then ran away.  Bystanders tried putting out the fire, but it got too large too quickly.

Presumably, there were not enough ice cold McFlurries on hand to put out the fire.

Here's the most amazing part. The whole car, almost seemed to go up in flames. But in the confusion after firefighters put out the blaze, the guy somehow drove the charred car away. It was found parked a few blocks away.

The car might have been stolen, since the license plate didn't match the vehicle.

At last check our McFlurry fighters are still at large.

And we wait, but not for long! for the next weird Florida crime story. It'll come in mere minutes, I'm sure.

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