Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Florida Weirdness: Don't Tell Cop You're On Your Way To Kill Friend When Stopped For DUI

Every day, Florida is a reliable source of crime news about ne'r do wells who have a novel opinion on how best to commit an offense.
Police said this guy was in a hurry to
go kill his friend, but was stopped for DUI  

Today we bring you Alberto Moreno, 45, of Port St. Lucie, Florida, whom police said roared by them at a high rate of speed on February 18. When the cops pursued him, he was reportedly weaving all over the road.

When they finally stopped Moreno, he didn't exactly help his case. That's because he told the police he'd been drinking all day and he was in a tremendous hurry because he had to go to his former friend's house to kill him for screwing him over.

Needless to say, our buddy Moreno never did make it to the former friend's house. Hurting his case even more, Moreno could barely stand during the roadside sobriety test.

He was charged with DUI, but apparently not charged with wanting to kill his friend, since he never made it there and the friend wasn't hurt.

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