Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dog REALLY Rebels Against The Stay Off The Bed Rule

Many households have a rule in which dogs must not get up on the bed.
Our dog Jackson, head resting on a pillow
settles down for an early Sunday afternoon
nap on our bed. At least he wasn't bouncing all
over the place.  

(In my house, we're totally lax in this regard. As I write this, Jackson the Cocker Spaniel is happily asleep on the comfy pillows on our bed)

Anyway, we have the inevitable video with the inevitable security camera that catches the inevitable dog getting on the inevitable bed.

We even have the inevitable "Yakity Sax" playing in the background

But the dog who gets on this bed really seems to be reveling in his rebellion. Bonus points to the vaguely annoyed cat looking on.

The video is definitely good for a Sunday laugh:

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