Friday, March 21, 2014

Here's A Prank Video That Is Actually Kind of Nice

I've complained here in the past about "prank videos," those YouTube hits in which some idiotic youth assaults or harasses people, gets it all on video for laughs and giggles and profitable viewer clicks.
The "waiter", a prank video maker, serves
a homeless woman a nice dinner in a rare
example of a nice prank video.  

Another form of trolls, basically.

But there are good prank video makers, too, like the one I found in which a young guy dressed up as a waiter in a decent restaurant,.

He showed up with a tray of food in public streets and served nice dinners, with cutlery to homeless people

The homeless people, as you can imagine, appear pretty perplexed, but grateful.

Nice gesture, and way to go!

Here's the good prank waiter video:

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