Friday, March 14, 2014

Has This Been National Spectacularly Horrible Person Week

The news this week seems to have been dominated by people who came out of obscurity to demonstrate what horrible people they are.
Brian Cole Stone, the idiot
that caused the dramatic police
chase in Denver.  

Are people trying to break some Guiness Book of World Record mark for extreme awfulness?

We had that idiot in Denver, who spent an hour carjacking people, including stealing one car with a four year old kid inside and racing around the Denver metro area at speeds of up to 100 mph. It's a wonder nobody got killed.

The Denver Post said the carjacker, Brian Cole Stone, has an 11-page criminal record.

So the guy is a first class loser.  And the people he affected were so random. You just never know.

The Denver Post had this bit of the drama:

"Stacy Rader, 39, was on her way to work and listening to a radio broadcast of the chase when the suspect T-boned her 2008 Camry at the intersection of East Lincoln Avenue and South Peoria Street.

'That pushed me further into the intersection into eastbound traffic, and I got hit by two other cars,' she said in a telephone interview.

I sometimes complain about police brutality as authorities sometimes get a little too violent when making arrests. But to be honest, when I saw the video of police arresting Stone, I thought they handled him a bit too gently.

I hate to say it, but I would have wanted to rough him up.

Here's the video, then beneath that, we have an even worse person to contemplate:

Even worse is the drunk driver in Texas this week.

Actually, he's much worse than Stone.  Rashad Charjuan Owen, 21, of Killeen, Texas, who, early Thursday morning, decided it would be a spendid idea to try to evade cops who were after him for drunk driving and plow into crowds at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas.

Two people died and 23 were injured. He faces two charges of capital murder and numerous aggravated assault charges.
Police said Rashad Charjuan Owens, 21, was
drunk and driving a stolen car when he plowed
into a crowd at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas
this week, killing two and injuring 23.  

Yeah, he'll rot in jail for a long time. This seems to happen all the time. People cause such chaos and pain, thinking they can get away from police and not get punished for any crime they committed. And if getting away from the police means killing a few people, so what?

Just goes to prove that one of the most dangerous combinations in the world is bravado and extreme stupidity.

Have fun on death row, Rashad!

Finally, remember Curtis Reeves the guy who shot and killed another man in a Florida movie theater because he was texting?  Turns out Reeves himself was texting in that very movie theatre moments before he shot the other guy for texting.

So Reeves is a bigger asshole than we first thought. Not only did he object to people texting during the previews in a movie theater, he apparently believes he can text during that time, but nobody else can.

This week, then, we have three strong nominees for Worst Person In the World.

Let's hope they're the last nominees. I think we all need a vacation from horrible people for a good long time.

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  1. There are many bottroffs around (a bottroff is a slang-term for a person who is a truly horrible person who never changes despite being given many chances to change), and they will never feel the need to reform and turn their lives around.

    The bottroffs in this world are people who you should avoid and not associate with. They are selfish, place their hatred upon others, and place their dirt on the world.