Monday, March 24, 2014

Giraffe's Goodbye Has The Whole World Getting Misty

A maintenance man at a Rotterdam zoo who is dying of cancer got a touching sendoff that has everybody on the Internet getting misty.
A giraffe appears to kiss a dying Mario goodbye.
Mario had worked at a Rotterdam zoo for years
and is dying of cancer. He was brought to the
zoo to say goodbye to his coworkers
and animal friends.  

The guy, identified only as Mario, worked a lot in the giraffe area of the zoon. Mario was brought to the zoo in his dying days to say goodbye to the people and the animals he cared for.

The group that facilitated Mario's goodbye put his hospital bed in the giraffe enclosure at the zoo.

In the most heartbreaking, beautiful photo, a giraffe appears to be kissing Mario goodbye.

Who know? Maybe the giraffe was just curious. Maybe the giraffe was just hoping Mario had a morsel of food.

But I like to think this is another example of the connection we have, or can have with animals.

In any event, is someone slicing onions in here? My eyes are watery....

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