Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stupid People Making Scenes In Restaurants Because They're Idiots

The customer is most certainly NOT always right.
Whirled Pies in Eugene, OR survived an
attempt by some wacko to set the place
on fire using his moonshine because staff there
opted not to serve him more booze because
he was already wasted.  

I say this because every time I turn around, I learn of some new idiot making a scene in a restaurant or some other business because they don't get their way, the big babies.

Out in Eugene, Oregon, staff at Whirled Pies, a pizza parlor, asked a couple to leave after they had too much to drink, reports television station KMTR in Eugene.

They didn't take it well. Whirled Pies staff, who were closing up shop for the night anyway, escorted them to the door.

The guy came back five minutes later, heaved a planter through the glass front door, terrified the staff and tried to set the place on fire using the moonshine he brought with him and a restaurant curtain he tried to use as a wick for his hillbilly Molotov cocktail.

Luckily, the fire didn't really get going and Whirled Pies wasn't that badly damaged.

The people at Whirled Pies at least have a bit of a sense of humor over the whole episode, posting the following message on their Facebook page:

"Special this weekend, flame thrower pizza with spicy garlic cream sauce, house made sausage, and green chiles. Come help us get things back to normal. Thanks for all the well wishes and crucial community support."

However, things aren't going so well for our mad moonshine guy, Matthew Curtis Bossard, 32, and his lovely companion, Leticia Kagele, face a variety of charges.

Plus, I doubt they will ever be allowed in to Whirled Pies to enjoy their yummy pizza.

I've always been simultaneously fascinated and appalled by people like these clowns at Whirled Pies who go totally off in public over the stupidest things.

Are they ill? Drama queens? Attention seekers? Perpetually angry losers.

For some reason, McDonald's always seems the most likely venue for an idiot to start yelling and screaming or acting weirdly for no good reason, making a fool of themselves.

Take this hefty woman in some McDonald's somewhere putting on quite a performance over, well I'm not sure, either a botched order or a dispute over change for the order. But it's quite a scene in this video, taken about a year ago. (Maybe she should win an Oscar for this presentation.)

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