Wednesday, March 26, 2014

On Video: Incredible Rescue On Flaming Houston Building

I don't know what it is about large apartment buildings under construction lately.
A construction worker hangs Tuesday from an
unfinished balcony as a partly completed
Houston apartment building goes up in flames  

They all seem to be going up in flames.  There have been recent dramatic construction site apartment fires in San Francisco, in Pennsylvania, in which a neighboring, occupied apartment building was damaged, in Salt Lake City, and other places

There was another notable one back in December in which a construction worker trapped above and in the flames of a half finished apartment building Kingston, Ontario was rescued via helicopter.

The rescue yesterday in Houston was even scarier than the one in Ontario, as a midrise apartment complex under construction there roared into flames.

A construction worker was trapped in a top floor apartment as flames raced and roared through the structure toward him.

I know these buildings go up in flames so quickly because sprinkler systems aren't installed yet. But these seem like a huge safety hazard. In one of these construction site fires, construction workers are going to get trapped and die, or the fires will spread to occupied buildings and cause a disaster.

It's time OSHA find ways to make these situations safer so we don't get a tragedy. There must be a way to prevent this kind of thing.

In the Houston fire yesterday, horrified onlookers filmed from a building across the street. To be honest, as I was watching, I thought the worker was doomed. Things keep going from bad to worse, with some scary surprises as things moved along.

Spoiler alert: The construction worker ended up being rescued, uninjured. But that doesn't diminish the power of this heartstopping video. YIKES!!!

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