Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pinnacle Video Of Bad Taste Is Your Sunday Laugh Of The Day

Hat tip to the blog Nothing To Do With Abroath for finding this gem:
A scene from the most, um, incredible
Beatles medley video ever made!  

It's a 1978 video of Italian singer and dancer Raffaella Carra doing a Beatles medley. That doesn't sound to exciting on the face of it, but you have GOT to watch the video, below.

I'm a connoisseur of camp and extremely bad taste and this video is an absolute masterpiece.

The set designs are enough to induce epileptic fits in everybody who sees it. I showed the video to my  husband, Jeff, a highly regarded theater set designer.

He seemed stunned into silence at the spectacle, but said it's like somebody did a parody of the late 1970s. "It's so right, it's wrong," Jeff said.

Actually, the dancers in the "Hey Jude" segment near the beginning of the video look like they're all having epileptic fits, but it does appear they are enjoying the experience, so that's good.

I don't know much about Rafaella Carra, other than she is very popular in Italy and in Latin America. She's probably really talented, but since good taste was in short supply in the late 1970s, I think she suffered from that shortage here.

This video, however, would be a great remake for a drag queen. I think it would work wonderful in that context.

The "Obla De Obla Da" segment is also a highlight, with elements of Charo and Abba thrown in, and a giant open mouth face in the background about to happily eat our Rafaella as a nice midday snack.
Raffaella Carra stuns, I think, in her
1978 Beatles medley video.  

The walrus faces and tusks that decorated the groin and hip areas of the male dancers is a nice touch.

Even more dramatic is the next segment. The song "A Hard Days Night" is performed by  naked male dancers covering their privates with bowler hats. Get it? A Hard Days Night? Ha!!

Toward the end, we go back to "Hey Jude" and the Abba influence comes back. The dancers really out-Abba Abba.

You have to see this for yourself. It's a work of art. Watch:

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