Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dog With Only Two Legs Runs On The Beach, Looks Happy

Duncan Lou Who, the Boxer with two legs
enjoys a recent frolic on the beach.  
Today's lesson in life comes from a dog, a boxer named Duncan Lou Who, a charming young guy who has no rear legs, just the two front ones.

Duncan was born with badly deformed rear legs that had to be amputated at the hip socket.

Removing the legs prevented Duncan from getting spinal damage and living his life in excruciating pain, something nobody wanted, least of all Duncan.

Some nice humans gave him a wheelchair to help him out, but he didn't care for the wheelchair all that much. Too confining.

Duncan was adopted by Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue in Vancouver, Wash., and her daughter Jade, who was 9, when Duncan had his surgery as a four month old pup last fall, according to television station King5 in Seattle. 

Usually people coming into Panda Paws Rescue and adopt, but Amanda and Jade couldn't resist and brought him Duncan home.

Some people said Duncan should have been euthanized because of his condition, but Giese said that would have been totally wrong, according to King5.  

Shortly after the surgery, Amanda Giese said. "He's happy, painful, pain-free, joyful and a normal puppy in every other way."

She said many two-legged dogs have full, happy lives.  

Duncan seems to be Exhibit A in the kind of life such a dog can have. He makes do just fine with getting around on his two front legs.

Judging from the very viral video you'll see below, Duncan Lou Who seems quite happy, and quite agile as he runs around on the beach with his friend Miso.

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