Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Worst Start To A Marriage EVER

We don't know they're names, but the happy couple left Atlanta recently for their honeymoon in Costa Rica.
In what might prove to be a very, very short
marriage, a groom got drunk argued with his bride
on their honeymoon flight. He got kicked off the plane.  

Sounds so, so romantic, doesn't it? Launching a marriage in a beautiful, natural tropical paradise. Ahhh..

Well, maybe not. In what might go down as the worst start to a marriage on record, the groom got drunk and argued with his bride on the plane.

Our groom got so disruptive that the Delta flight made an emergency landing in Grand Cayman, according to Reuters.

Our drunk argumentative groom was kicked off the plane and faces drunk and disorderly charges there, Reuters said. He might face even more harsh charges under international law because the airline industry and law enforcement tend to frown on forcing flights to make emergency landings.

As for the (surely) blushing bride, after the groom left the plane joined the rest of the passengers in continuing on to Costa Rica.

She'll probably have a better time without her obnoxious groom anyway.

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