Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Bit Early For a Vermont Sign of Spring

We're having a January thaw here in Vermont, a temporary break from the deep winter chill.

We had a pretty substantial snow cover a few days ago here in St. Albans, but most of it is gone now.
January in Vermont? A daffodil pops up in St. Albans
during a January thaw

The rapidly melting snow, coupled with the comfortable temperatures, had the added benefit of hitting on a weekend,. This gave me an unexpected chance to get things accomplished outdoors. It mostly involved clearing brush and chainsawing a few scrubby, unwanted trees.

The heavy snow earlier this winter came before the ground really froze, and the snowcover acted as a blanket to keep the ground relatively warm.

That meant a few hardy plants were able to respond to the midwinter warmth when the snow disappeared today. That's why you see the daffodil sprout in this post. I spotted the green shoots this afternoon as I was hauling dead branches to the burn pile.

The daffodil plants won't die when the cold inevitably returns. (It's supposed to be below zero in a few days) But the ends of this plant will turn brown, and not look great when it first comes up in April. I'll probably cover it with a thick layer of mulch, just to give it an assist to ride out the deepest cold of the winter, which will surely hit soon.

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