Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Sign Spinners" Prove There's a Vocation For Everyone

While looking at Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog last night, I noticed he featured the video, at the bottom of this post, of someone called a sign spinner.

I did a little digging out of idle curiosity and discovered sign spinning is a Big Thing. I had no idea.
A sign spinner in Times Square

Apparently, there's a huge industry that has people learn how to do all kinds of acrobating tricks while holding a sign. They're hired by businesses who want to attract the attention of passing motorists.

You can even go on line to something called to either hire a spinner or get a job as one.

There are so many industries in this world I had no idea existed, I tell ya.

They're cool to watch, but I wonder how much local zoning boards appreciate sign spinners. They're certainly a distraction to drivers. I wonder if they cause crashes? And if so, who gets sued? The inattentive driver or the sign spinner who made him so? Or the business that hired the spinner? All of the above?

As is always the case with every phenomenon or hobby or occupation,  there is even a big competition for sign spinners.   It's the Aarrow World Sign Spinning Championship, coming up soon!  Feb. 10-12 in Las Vegas, in case you're interested in going or competing. Yes, they spell "arrow" with two A's.

So anyway, the cool sign spinner video is below. Turn down the volume, the music may not be to your liking. And be patient. The first few seconds are kinda slow. And ignore the random dancer that invades. This is still huge fun:

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  1. I am a 52 year old sign spinner and our art touches hearts and that's good for business.