Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The World's Scariest Bakery Forced to Close

This was probably the easiest decision any heatlh office could make.

In Britain, the health office has closed a Meads Bakery Ltd.  for picky little details, like dead mice on the floor, lots of fruit flies, thick spider webs, paint chipping off walls and ceilings onto prep areas, and, of course, black mold that covered all the walls.
The lovely scene inside the now closed bakery
in Britain

At least the bakery was able to save money on interior signs. Rather than buy a sign saying "Office" for the office door, somebody just scratched that word into the black mold covering the door. Problem solved!

And they were into recycling. They kept "mopping:" the floor, according to authorities, with the same dirty water. They were saving on water and detergent. How environmentally friendly!

You wonder how they got away with being such a mess for so long. But I suppose excuses and little lies got them through

Why are the sesame seeds on my muffins moving?
It's a new treat. They're Mexican jumping sesame seeds.

Why are the walls in this bakery black and fuzzy?
Sound proofing. The neighbors were annoyed by the noise from the bakery equipment and so we installed the sound proofing.

Why is there a dead rat on the floor?
That's a new breed of cat. He's just sleeping.

Then why are there flies all over "the cat?"
The cat attracts them for us, and swats them dead. Keeps things clean.

Why all the paint chips on everything.
Don't worry. It's decorative.

I'm OK with the itsy bitsy spider thing going on, but isn't 9,482,345,190 spider webs hanging from the ceiling too much?
Naw. It's shoplifting prevention. If somebody tries to hurry out with stolen goods, they get tangled up in the webs.

In any event, if you're planning a trip to Britain, stay away from Meads Bakery. Even if it is closed.

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