Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wild Video: Tasmanian Family Escapes Huge Fire Under Jetty

That huge heat wave and those firestorms in Australia are continuing. One of the most harrowing reports are photos that surfaced of a family who had to escape the flames and what they described as fire tornadoes in coastal Tasmania by running out into a jetty that jutted out into the sea.

But the jetty caught fire, so they all had to go into the cold water under the jetty and stay there for three hours until the fire burned itself out.

The pictures the grandfather took are scary. There they are in the water, a hellish orange glow from the fire and dense smoke all around them, with flames emerging from the orange gloom as they blowtorched trees and houses.

Thankfully, the family escaped injury.

Here's the news report on the incident.  Pictures the guy took are scary

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