Friday, January 11, 2013

Stung by 1,800 Bees, Then Jolted 13,000 Volts. So What Does This Arborist Do Next?

I remember as a kid ads for a toy and the tag line was "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down."

The best example of a human Weeble, were told by television station KVIA, via Gawker, is one Craig Benavidez, 52, a New Mexico arborist. First 1,800 bee stings, then 13,000 volts.

Talk about a guy who recovers quickly! I hope I have his recovery powers if I ever get injured.

His travails started in the summer, when he got mixed up with a next of Africanized bees. These are the "killer bees" that swarm and sting and sting and sting until you die.

Benavidez got stung 1,800 times. And managed to live.

The scene at the hospital sounds like a horror movie. Said Benavidez:

"They told me in the hospital that they were wiping them off with a credit card because they didn't want to count them anymore,” Benavidez said. “Bees were coming out of my mouth, my ears, my nose and flying around the hospital. People had to leave the hospital who were allergic to bees.”

Benavidez recovered and went back to work. Until Monday. That's when he got jolted by electricity from power lines he accidentally made contact with while he was trimming limbs from a tree.

And once again, the power of recovery: On Monday, he was listed in critical condition in the hospital. On Tuesday, he was calmly discussing the incident with a television reporter. He said he planned to go back to work Thursday, despite cuts to his hands and head and burns on his feet.

This guy has more lives than a cat.

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