Friday, January 4, 2013

A Fishy Revenge Story From New Zealand

Don't get mad, get even, says the old adage.

A woman in New Zealand did just that.
Will a woman's revenge turn her ex's favorite
fishing spot into a scene like this?

A relationship she was in broke up. She wishes it could have been amicable, but her ex put his stuff in a suitcase that belonged to her, one that she was sentimentally attached to, and too off to Australia with no warning.

He wouldn't return the suitcase.

So the woman, Angela Potter, did what any self-respecting person would do. The ex was an avid fishing enthusiasts, and had the best fishing spots mapped out on GPS. She knew the coordinates. Since the ex wouldn't give the suitcase back, she auctioned off the location of the secret fishing sites online.

That's the kind of revenge that would have worked big time here in Vermont, given how many people are into hunting and fishing and whatnot, and are terribly proprietory about their secret happy hunting grounds.

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