Monday, January 28, 2013

Norway Cheese Fire

Who knew cheese was so dangerous?

I say that because a tractor trailer load full of cheese caught fire inside a highway tunnel in northern Norway. The 27 tons of cheese burned for five days, and badly damaged and closed the tunnel.
The great Norwegian tunnel cheese fire of '13

It makes me wonder if all cheese is dangerous. Will the Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar in my refrigerator explode? Will the next batch of macaroni and cheese I make engulf my kitchen in a firestorm?  Jalapeno cheese makes my mouth feel like it's on fire, but if I breathe on somebody after eating it, will they get third degree burns?

Apparently, the type of cheese that caused the Norway inferno is something called Brunost, which has high concentrations of fat and sugar, making it particularly flammable.

Media quoted Norwegian police officer Viggo Berg, who said this type of cheese burns "almost like petrol if it gets hot enough."

Which gives us all an idea: Why not use cheese, rather than fossil fuel, to power are cars and cities and electricity?

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