Thursday, January 10, 2013

Washington State Crisis: Picnic Table Pyramid Mystery Not Solved

While we spent the fall an early winter dealing with Hurricane Sandy, fiscal cliffs, the Obama election and the Kardashian pregnancy, we haven't solved an urgent mystery out of Washington State.

Somebody this summer was going into parks in and near Spokane and making elaborate pyramids out of picnic tables.

One unanswered question on everybody's mind: Are the pyramids art or vandalism or both?

Another unanswered question: Was it really expensive to taxpayers for crews to dismantle the pyramids or was somebody wasting money?

The question was raised by the pyramid builders themselves. After reading complaints the pyramids took hours and lots of equipment and plenty of municipal workers to dismantle, the pyramid builders left a note at one of their masterpieces saying it only took them a half hour or so to build, so why was it a big federal project to dismantle?

According to the Spokane Spokesman Review, the picnic table stackers wrote:

“We heard that our riverfront table pyramids cost $500 each to remove,” the note reads, “yet they only took 4 teens 25 min to assemble sans equipment! Please stop wasting taxpayer dollars.”

Parks officials responded that it took special equipment and a lot of time to take down the stacks.

The other question to emerge was whether this was art or vandalism. You decide

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