Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Eater Thaw Does It's Job in Vermont

This morning, when I got up, it was 47 degrees at my house in St. Albans, Vermont as we are on the tail end of a January thaw.  At the same exact time, it was 37 degrees in Los Angeles, 31 in Phoenix and 25 in Las Vegas.
My yard in St. Albans, V ermont at 8 a.m. Saturday
morning at the thaw really got going.

The weather is topsy turvy for sure.

The weather was great here in Vermont for unexpectedly getting things done outdoors

 I worked outside for hours both days, clearing brush, chain sawing unwanted trees, doing general cleanup. That included collecting and disposing of a five gallon bucket full of dog poop left by the Boys, Jackson and Bailey.

I was even able to dig holes in unfrozen ground, in preparation for transplanting some trees this spring.

No good weather goes unpunished. Los Angeles and Phoenix will warm up, and we're told over the next two weeks, three Arctic outbreaks, each with temperatures way, way below zero, are targeting Vermont.

Back to the reality of winter in Vermont.
The same scene in my yard, 4 p.m. Sunday
after the thaw had done its work

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