Monday, January 21, 2013

Beyonce: At Inauguration, Best "Star Spangled Banner" Since Whitney? Or Lip-Synced?

UPDATE: Reports are coming out now that Beyonce actually lip synced the whole thing. I feel bamboozled.

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Yes, I know this is not exactly the most important thing to come out of today's inauguration of President Obama, but: How about Beyonce!?!?!?

There are a handful of memorable performances of "The Star Spangled Banner," There are a few incredibly bad ones. Remember Rosanne Barr?

But people, myself included, prefer to remember the best ones. The benchmark seems to be Whitney Houston's famous performance at 1991 Super Bowl.

Now, Beyonce gives Houston a run for her money with what I thought was a huge, beautiful rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner." I think people will be talking about this for years, just like Whitney's performance still comes up from time to time.

I'm normally really cynical, and this is going to sound terribly hokey, but honestly, my heart flutters a bit and I can feel the emotions rising when somebody does an incredible job with the national anthem. Like Beyonce did today.

See and hear for yourself: Here's a video of Beyonce singing the national anthem at the inauguration today:

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