Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dreadlocks as a Lethal Weapon?

Domestic abuse isn't funny. I'm not laughing.

But I still have to stop in awe of one case in Portland, Oregon. The alleged assailant, Caleb Grotberg, 32, used his dreadlocks to try and choke his (now probably former) girlfriend, according to television station KOIN.
This guy is accused of using his dreadlocks
to atempt to choke his girlfriend

That's a novel use of a hairstyle: A weapon.  Will this start a trend of people growing dreadlocks so they can commit crimes? Probably not.

But if past news events are any indication, people can get incredibly creative in coming up with weapons to do their brand of wrongdoing

Here's some examples:

In July, a man robbed a jewelry store in Abu Dhabi by throwing chili powder in the faces of staff, reported.

In 2008, a Florida man tried to hold up a store while brandishing  palm fronds and flip flops.

A pizza delivery person was robbed, and to disable the pizza person, the assailant sprayed her with wasp insecticide.

Back in May, a man unsuccessfully tried to rob a Utica, N.Y. bank by brandishing a toilet plunger. 

I'm sure there are a zillion other examples of bizarre criminal tools.  What odd thing would you use as a weapon, just to be different,  if you adopted a life of crime.

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