Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Want a Quadcopter

I stumbled upon this video of an aerial camera surprising a moose in Norway.

I know, very random, very odd, but I like the video.

The best part was, it was taken via a quadcopter. I want one. Essentially, they're little drones that are mini helicopters. You can attach a camera to it, send it up and maneuver it anywhere, between trees, just above the ground, way up, you name it.

Of course, like drones, quadcopters can be used for unpleasant, unethical tasks. Imagine the privacy concerns if you had to always worry about a quadcopter camera peeking in your windows, hovering over your yard.


But if everybody who has a quadcopter could be convinced somehow, someway to  be ethical with these things, it would be cool. I want one, but I bet they'd be expensive.

Anyway, here's the moose video from Norway. Pretty cool.

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