Sunday, January 27, 2013

People To Be Totally Impressed With, But Don't Try This At Home

I absolutely love the "People are Awesome" series that's been rattling around YouTube for the past few years. Just search that term to see what I mean.

The video from that series in this post has been up for a bit and shared by quite a few people on blogs and other media, but I have to put it here, too.

The obvious appeal is watching people do stuff that we are completely incapable of doing and would never dare try.

But the cinematography, photography and music combine to make the whole thing a visual poem honoring the possibilities us humans are capable of.  Here it is, and there's another impressive video below this one:


Our second video has more of a winter theme, in keeping with the season. A few of the stunts are more fails than anything else, but most are almost as impressive as those in the first "People Are Awesome" video.  Time to start adding some of these to your bucket list:

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