Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guy's Drunken Escapade on Plane To Live in Infamy

Some of you out there have probably done things while drunk that you're really, really embarrassed about.

You realize people saw and heard about what you did, and you're humiliated about it.

Take heart. Your life isn't nearly as bad as a guy named Gudmunder Karl Arthorsson.
Duct tape really does work for everything!
Subduing a drunk guy on a plane.

Arthorsson, 46, is all over the news and the Internet this weekend.  The stuff about him includes an incredibly humiliating photo of him duct taped to an airline seat on an Icelandic Air flight bound for New York.

Arthorsson was more bound than the rest of the passengers on the flight, that's for sure.

Passengers said our friend was boozing heavily as the plane zipped along toward New York. Apparently, Arthorsson is not a happy drunk. Fellow passengers said he groped and assaulted fellow passengers, yelled that the plane was going to crash and exhibited other highly unpleasant behavior.

Passengers and crew were annoyed to say the least, not to mention worried he'd do something to endanger them. The result was that very unflattering photo of Arthorsson duct taped to the seat, with more duct tape across his mouth to shut him up.

The photo went viral. He was even the cover model on the front page of the New York Post. The headline was "The Guy in 23C Wants Another Drink!"  

OK, that's not as clever a headline as the Post's famous news flash, "Headless Body in Topless Bar," but the Arthorsson headline will do.

According to The Post:

"Arthorsson was so drunk that when the cops hauled him off the jet at Kennedy Airport, he became terrified and yelled, 'There's a snake on my leg,!' a law enforcement source said.

He was taken to Jamaica Hospital and treated for alcohol poisoning."

For the rest of his life and probably beyond, anything Arthorsson does will be overshadowed by the phrase "Remember that funny photo of that drunk guy duct taped to the airline seat?"

He might even turn end up as a Trivial Pursuit or game show subject.  I bet they'll name a cocktail after him. Get super drunk on a Gudmunder!

Apparently, Arthorsson was on his way to see his fiancee.  I have to wonder if the wedding is still on.

The next time you're on a flight somewhere and want another drink, remember Gudmunder Karl Arthorsson. I bet that will make you decide on a tonic water instead.

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