Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fired Lunchlady at School Creates Larger Issue

A Missouri school lunchlady fired for giving  free lunches to a kid whose  family was struggling got her job back last month after some bad publicity for the school, but the story only highlighted a larger problem.

Dianne Brame said the kid's parents didn't do some paperwork for reduced fee lunches. When this happens, the kids just get a cheese sandwich and milk instead of a real lunch until the parents pay up. It's not enough food, of course, and it's embarrassing for the kids.
This lunch  lady lost, but regained her job after
sneaking food to a kid at a school

So Brame decided to sneak the kid a real lunch until the problem with the parents and the paperwork and the money could be straightened out.

According to a report from television station KSDK:

"This fall she notied the family of a fourth grader on the free lunch program hadn't renewed his eligibility and the child wasn't coming to school with money to pay for lunch. Brame says rthe boys' mother doesn't speak English and probably couldn't understand the paperwork.

Brame tells NewsChannel 5 the child was supposed to be reduced to a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk for lunch. But she worried he'd be made fun of by the other students."

Why do the kids whose parents can't or won't pay for lunch get that lousier lunch -just a cheese sandwich and milk?

Yeah, I get it,  the school district ought to get the money that's owed to them.

The approach seems odd, though. Let's punish the parents by starving the child, to ensure he doesn't do well in school and flunks out and doesn't become a self sustaining tax paying adult that we all supposedly want.

Then we'd really lose money.

Speaking of losing money, there's been another case of a weird firing in the news lately. Did you see this one?

A court last week upheld the firing of a dental assistant because the boss (or more precisely, the boss's wife) decided said assistant was too attractive.

The beautiful dental assistant didn't do anything to encourage the boss. No throwing herself at him, no giving him an offer he couldn't refuse, so to speak. She was just nice looking.

The dentist and his wife thought, I guess, that it's not a man's job to keep his own libido under control. It's up to women, apparently, to handle that. I guess we should make all women in the workplace where burkas to prevent men from losing control. Or why don't we just prevent women from working at all?

But what if a gay male employee thinks he'll lose control over the good looks of a male co-worker. I guess we have to prevent men from working, too, in case this happens.

Maybe nobody should work or have any contact with anybody ever because that migh get somebody hot to trot, and well, we can't have that, can we?

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  1. The "fired" lunch lady has totally misrepresented what really happened. Our school district has never let a child go hungry. Our teachers often pay for lunches for children until the proper paperwork is done. Schools have a special fund to help in these cases too. I heard that the lady was never even fired. Instead of talking to those of us who could have helped in this situation, she goes to the media with a made up sob story. People are donating money to her. Can you say fraud.