Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Should I Be Ashamed That I'd Already Seen the Top 50 Viral Videos of 2012?

I discovered to my horror that in one respect, at least, I've become one of those people who live their life entirely on line.

I say this after noticing one of those  "Let's Look Back at 2012" items came out, and it was the 50 best viral videos of 2012. The scary thing: I'd seen all but maybe three or four of them over the course of the last 12 months.
A still from one of the top YouTube videos of 2012:
A duckling going for a jog with its friend, a guy

There they were. The talkers  I'd come to know and love. The frumpy middle aged woman who witnessed a fire and described the scene to the local news team. Or more precisely, described how the cleaning guy had seen her tits.

There were the twin babies bopping along to their dads' guitar playing. The woman who didn't know how long it would take to go 80 miles if she was traveling at 80 mph. the dog on the trampoline, the cat on a turntable, the duckling running, DMX singing "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," the ghost in the elevator. All of 'em.

Gawd, that list looks like the rantings of a madman, no?

All this means I spend wayyyyy too much time on line. And I probably will in 2013, too.

Now I'll show you the 50 Best Viral Video video, which shows little snippets of the popular items.

How many of them did YOU see during 2012?

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