Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Poll says Congress is worse than Ebola and the Kardashians

Apparently, Congress is worse than root canals, traffic jams, colonoscopies, cockroaches and Nickelback, but better than telemarketers,  the ebola virus, communism, North Korea, playground bullies and Lindsay Lohan.

That's the result of a strange public opinion poll is making the rounds today from Public Policy Polling.
Are some of the people who work here worse than
the Kardashians?

We all know that Congress has a low public approval rating, hovering in the 8 to 10 percent range. (Who are the people who like the job Congress is doing?)

I wonder why Public Policy picked the items that could be better or worse than Congress, but I suppose they're worth pondering for a moment.

Let's start with things that are better than Congress, according to the poll:

Root canals and colonoscopies: I can see how they might be better. You're either drugged or knocked out when experiencing these. You need drugs to watch the news about Congress, so this all makes sense.

Cockroaches: It's fairly easy to get an exterminator to rid a home or business of cockroaches. Some incumbent Congress people who seem, well, spectacularly stupid seem to keep getting re-elected, so it is harder to get rid of them. So I get this.

Traffic jams: At least you can listen to decent music or something while stuck. Congressional debate isn't exactly melodious, so this makes sense, too.

Nickleback: Why do people so vicerallly hate this band, yet they sell so many records and get such crowds at their concerts?  To me, Nickleback is a bit boring and I'm not a fan, but I've heard much worse. So yes, Nickleback is better than Congress.

Now let's move on to things the public thinks, at least for now, are worse than Congress.

Ebola: You usually die of that, and Congress doesn't kill everybody, so Congress does have the edge here.

Telemarketers: I don't know. Congressional campaigns are not subject to the Do Not Call list, so they can robocall you with impunity during election season. Telemarketers can be stopped if they call Do Not Call numbers, so I think Congress is worse here.

Playground bullies: But aren't some members of Congress playground bullies? Let's call this one a tie.

Fidel Castro. A tyrant, worse than Congress. And Fidel's long winded speeches are far worse than anything the likes of Michelle Bachmann can come up with. So yes, Fidel is worse.

North Korea: The country's leaders are about as bad as they can come, and they kill people who criticize them. At least Congress won't kill me for criticizing them here. At least I hope not.

The Kardashians: They're just as tiresome as Congress. Call this one another tie.

So, readers, what things do YOU think are either better or worse than Congress? I welcome your suggestions.

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