Sunday, August 4, 2013

Another Anthony Weiner Scandal. No, Not THAT Anthony Weiner.

What is it about people named Anthony Weiner having issues with sexting scandals?

We all know the Anthony Weiner who is the New York mayoral candidate who keeps getting in trouble for sexting, sending women pictures of his junk. We all agree that's pretty icky.
New York's Anthony Weiner can take
comfort of sorts knowing there's an
Anthony Weiner out there weirder than him.  

Now, the New York Daily News brings us an update on another Anthony Weiner, this one from Revere Massachusetts, who, if accusations are true, really out Weinered the more famous Weiner.

According to the Daily News:

"This Anthony Weiner, 25, of Revere, Mass. used his wife's phone to send a text luring the 21-year-old Winthrop man to another house in Revere. Once there, the guest was greeted witha  bat to the head.

Prosecutors said Weiner tied the man to a chair threatened him with a power tool and a BB gun, and only released him when the terrified vicim began vomiting."

Yikes! It's unclear from the report what led the Revere Weiner to do all this.

I'm sure his wife is impressed. She probably even bought a new phone. I wouldn't want to touch it after what Revere Weiner did.

I think Revere Weiner's marriage was rocky to begin with. The Daily News reported that he punched his mother-in-law during a brawl on his wedding day.

Maybe it's best that people looking for a date avoid anyone named Anthony Weiner.

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