Friday, August 2, 2013

"Spin Sister Dogs" Dancing For Dinner Are A Huge Day Brightener

Via Gawker, I found a video that is guaranteed to give anyone a much needed smile. It sure helped me mood.
A still from the wonderful Hope and Rosey
dinnertime video  

In the video, we meet Hope and Rosey, two sisters, both English Springers, who have been happily taught their routine when they get dinner, do their thing.

They dance as their human companion sings their dinner hour song in the most hearty, happy voice you can imagine.

It's a beautiful video, trust me.

The video appeared on Reddit under the headline about the dog's owner which reads, "It's impossible to imagine that this man ever has a bad day," which is about as true a statement as "The sky is blue."

Under the Reddit headline, somebody wrote "This type of happiness only comes from keeping such awesome dogs."

Followed by this comment: "The dogs are probably awesome because of his disposition."

Also true. I think that works with people, too. People who are around others that exude happiness get happy too. It's something that is always worth reminding myself.

OK, I've prattled on. You want to see the video. So do I, again. So here it is:

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