Monday, August 19, 2013

How Hiding Spoons In Underwear Is Combating Exploitation Of Young Women. (Really!!)

The idea at first glance sounds frivolous and silly:  An organization dedicated to fighting the exploitation of women is suggesting young women and girls are who are being packed off into forced marriages hide spoons in their underwear.
Could this common dinnertime object
save women from exploitive forced marriages?  

You can't imagine how that would help until you dig deeper into the reasoning behind it.

Often, families in countries like Britain send their young female family members off to overseas forced marriages that might be financially lucrative for the family but devastate the lives of the young women.

The spoons hidden in the underwear set off the airport security alarms. The young women with the spoons are then invariably led, alone except for security personnel,  into a back room for a more detailed search for explosives or whatnot.

Away from their family members, the young women can then tell the security agents they need help to prevent them from being packed off to a forced marriage somewhere.  That's how they save themselves.

The spoon idea is the brainchild of a charitable group called Karma Nirvana, which says summer is the high season for shipping young brides to other countries for forced marriages. The kids are out of school, and less likely to be missed if they disappear from sight abrutptly.

I think the spoon idea is genius because it's an innovative way to help young women and it's so crazy sounding that it's bound to generate publicity. Which could only help expand Karma Nirvana's donor base.

More proof that activism and marketing don't have to be mutually exclusive

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