Thursday, August 1, 2013

Head Transplants Would Be Confusing

A few weeks ago, an Italian neuroscientist said head transplants are now within the realm of possibility, though a lot of other scientists say that's bullcrap, to say the least.
Even when you omit how complicated the surgery would be
head transplants would create a whole host of problems.  

The surgery to do a head transplant sounds  incredibly complicated, so I don't anticipate it happening anytime soon. But if it does happen, I'm afraid it will get awfully confusing.

What happens if they screw up and you get a person with the head of a young man and a body of an old woman, or vice versa?

Will the head of a young body builder type bro with the body of an elderly woman still try to pick up hot young things. Will the head of an older woman and the body of a young body builder type bro still be accepted at her knitting circle?

Will this turn into a vanity thing. Out of shape? Don't bother with all that wearying exercise, just chop off your flabby body, find another body that's totally fit, attach it to your head and your home free!

You then get the spectacle of a horrible, 60 year old billionaire walking around with the body of a 20 year old bodybuilder. For a little while, anyway. Then the body gets out of shape, so he goes out and gets another one?

Where will the constant supply of buff bodies come from?  Fit young people don't die very often, and you presumably need the person to die to get their body . Or do you pay the fit young people hugely and live the rest of their lives as just a head, sitting on a desk like a knicknack, sort of like those pendulum things that bored executives play with.

What do you do about fingerprints and other identifying features. Your head is Joe Smith, but you have the body and fingerprints of John Davis. Could cause some security issues don't you think? Especially if some dedicated terrorist obtains the body of somebody he killed and uses that as an alternative identity.

All this means that I'm not sure if this head transplant idea will work. There's lots of other transplants that seem to be working well nowadays. Heart transplants, nerve transplants, even face transplants.

These piecemeal transplants probably don't solve every problem in the world, but they don't create a whole lot of new ones, either.

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