Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feel Safe? Homeland Security Official Wants To Start Homophobic Race War

On Gawker,  we have news of a U.S. Homeland Security official who apparently would just love to start a race war and has a website to promote this idea. 
Does this probably soon to be ex Homeland Security
employee want to start a race war?  

I'm not sure how a race war would enhance the nation's security but maybe the Homeland Security employee, whose name is Ayo Kimathi, has some idea.

According to Gawker, Kimathi wants the mass murder of whites and the ethnic cleansing of "black skinned Uncle Tom race traitors."

The Southern Poverty Law Center says fellow employees are afraid of Kimathi, saying one day he will go postal and kill a bunch of people.

Homeland Security supervisors say if any employee wants to run a web site, they have to get approval for it first. He apparently told his supervisors that the web site would have entertainment content and sell concert tickets, which sounded benign enough and was approved.

Guess they should have checked the content of the site a little more extensively.

In any event, I  think Kimathi's job at Homeland Security is just about done.  I also hope there's no other people in the agency like this guy. We'd have to rename it Homeland Insecurity.

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