Friday, August 30, 2013

I Didn't Think Diplomacy Involved Yelling "#&@(@!!!!!"

This guy might not have been the United States' best diplomat.

As you can see from the video in this post, the meeting on a narrow street in Malta did not go well.
Our Man in Malta fails at his peacekeeping skills.

His car met up with another, and one had to back up. Apparently, our Man in Malta didn't want to be the one to back down.

You can tell in this extremely NSFW video (because of language) when the U.S. diplomat says "I'm going to beat your fat fucking Maltese ass all over this goddam street!"

Well, then. Temper, temper. I can't imagine U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talking like that to say, the British foreign minister.

Our Man in Malta is apparently not in Malta anymore. The U.S. government has recalled him and apologized for the undiplomatic diplomat. He has not been publicly identified. I'd still love to find him to detemine whether he things the argument was worth it.

It's a lesson to our former Man in Malta. The cameras are everywhere, and there's no sense in losing your temper.  Overreacting just a wee bit, were we?

Now that it appears you're losing your job with the U.S. diplomatic corp, you can maybe get a job on a cable news show. They behave like that all the time there. You'll fit right in.

Here's the video, if you dare:

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