Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Horror: "Sharknado" Apparently Inspiring Other Wacko Movies

Well, I guess it was inevitable.

"Sharknado" that ridiculous movie about a tornado coming ashore in Los Angeles and dropping man eating sharks to terrorize the city's residents, became the talk of the summer.
Did this ridiculous movie launch a bunch
of imitators and can I join the bandwagon?  

Why, I don't know. It sure is beyond over the top, but still.

The worst effect of the Sharknado summer sensation is inspiring other movie makers who are trying to top the wacko Sharknado.

A contender that's getting some attention is something called "Squirrels."  Yes. Squirrels. Apparently in this movie, a gas company's work is disrupting the environment. The squirrels get royally pissed off and start brutally attacking humans.

Yeah. Could happen. Maybe we should all stay safe and avoid squirrel infested forests near fracking sites.

This squirrel movie hasn't been made yet, but there is a trailer. It's worth the watch if you want your daily groan, that's for sure.

This weird horror movie trend is giving me ideas. I could use some money, so maybe I could Kickstart some  ideas for a sort of Vermont based horror movie. Anybody in? I promise not to create Mac Parker style fiasco.

Here's some rough drafts of what I'm talking about:

"Cownado" A manure pit explosion in Enosburg, Vermont sends crazed, man eating cows raining down on St. Albans during their annual maple festival. St. Albans seems doomed until a five year old kid calms the bovines down with maple creemees.

"Hipster Horror"  A bad batch of artisan, free range, organic microbrew ends up in the hands of the oh-so-cool hipsters that always hang around Burlington, turning them into zombies that attack the tourists from Quebec. Cases of Old Milwaukee Light save the day.

"Mount Peculiar" An evil executive from a manufacturer of genetically altered seeds aims to make state lawmakers in Montpelier do their bidding by giving the legislature "special" corn to much on during a Chamber of Commerce barbecue. The plan goes awry when the genetically altered corn turns the lawmakers in uber-liberal Vermont into right wing Tea Party types. A civil war results, the state is split in half and the Northeast Kingdom becomes the country of "Teaghanistan."

"RutVegas" The city of Rutland is often jokingly called Rutvegas, but the joke is on Vermont in this movie, when a meth dealer from upstate New York arrives in town, sells a weird batch of the meth to local residents, who go on a rampage, turning quiet Rutland into a dazzling gambling mecca that makes Las Vegas look like Dubuque on a particularly quiet evening.

All these ideas could happen, right? Please respond to this blog to donate to these movies.

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