Monday, August 12, 2013

Big Fun: Impressionist Sings "Total Eclipse of The Heart" As Cher, Adele, Streisand, Piaf And Many More!

Several web sites, including Gawker, today discovered and brought us the genius of Christina Bianco, who in the video in this post sings the 1980s staple "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."
Christina Bianco does some awesome impressions
in a rendition of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."  

The over the top, over produced, over sung and overly dramatic but still oddly great song by Bonnie Tyler was a huge hit. And it has been parodied and spoofed ever since.

The song is made incredibly entertaining as Bianco sings the song in the voices of 19 famous divas.   

My favorites in her repertoire are Edith Piaf and Christina Aguilera, but all of them are awesome.

I bet you'll be like me, and laugh out loud at some of the divas doing "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."

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